Welcome to Odisious. and We're a local Recording Studio Located in Lewisville Texas near Business 121 and Southwest Parkway in the Ambassador Business park. It was our dream to create a space where independent artists can come to make their next idea a reality.


We don't operate like your "typical studio". We don't work set rates, and we don't like the idea of our artists not being able to finish their recordings .. so we did Something that is changing how people view recording studios. We personally work hand in hand with you every step of the way to produce your best tracks possible. Through todays technology we are able to work for longer periods of time and it not break your wallet..

Now as of June 2022... we now have Odisious Records! 


We made this studio for artists to not be taken advantage of and to assist in every facet of your development. Odisious Productions focuses on your hard material, (recording, marketing material, etc) Odisious Artist Management focuses on the performance side of your profession. From assisting with crowd reviews, performance critiques, livestream performances and promotion material.. why would you want to go anywhere else. This is not your typical studio.. this is not your typical inexpensive results either.

we have 2 main producers which we work with 

Odie - Rock, Metal, R&B, Funk

Johnny- Rap, hip hop, folk & country


Our owners personal message to you...  "we want your next single, EP, or album to blow up as bad as you do. While you are passionate about your idea or song, We are passionate about getting the exact sound on record.. so we go above and beyond. Do not waste another second.. don't talk yourself out of another opportunity.. call me now , for we're booking time quickly for the 2nd half of the year. We do not double book, and we are dedicated to our artists. . cause if we like ya.. we just might sign ya to our new label! 

Odisious is happy to announce that The 2022 lineup for Cadillakoffin is now official and will be posted on July 1st 2022! 

last week of June Blowout offer valid for 2 artists in July..

$750 gets you a week in the studio 6 hours per day!!!

If we like what we hear.. 

we might sign you!!

This  is how we are changing the game in Dallas Texas! 

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by appointment ONLY

   Mon - Fri: 12pm - 3am        Sat  -  Sun: 2pm - 3am


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