Music Equipment


"l came from a really small town in South Central Texas.. about an hour and a half from San Antonio. when I was young I was given a guitar and knew instantly that I was meant to do music for my life.. I mean.. I literally went through an entire tab and technique book overnight.


I went from plucking single strings to playing solo's. . . and while they were fairly simplistic.. I knew that I had found my new language..


a few months later I began joining bands and touring.. and by the time I was in my senior year I had played hundreds of shows. I played all kinds of rock.. heavy metal to hardcore: alternative rock to grunge: punk to death metal.. but what I loved out of all of it was putting it all together &



I began recording back when I was 19, using tape decks, 4 track cassettes, stereos with dubbing options, then progressed to multitrack recorders.. eventually getting into the digital recording world.


Being on my own since 17 guaranteed me to have no money as an artist. Having been fortunate to have opened for and played with some of the best musicians in the world, I learned something new every day.


Now I take my talents and experience and am providing an opportunity for people to get the sound they want at rates that won't break the bank...and that's why I started this company.


I work on my own music and productions every day.. and now I am helping artists get the sound they want and they don't have the worry of get ripped off by some suit in the big machine.


The music biz is a hard fast life... but if I can help you bypass some of the BS and get your tracks honed sharp.. there's nowhere you can't go." - James Sailors

Owner and Executive Producer