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We have recently moved to South Texas!!! 

 Serving the Bexar, Medina, Atascosa, and Uvalde Counties!

This is your one stop shop for Mixing, Mastering, and Recording Needs. We have new rates for the rest of 2022!

Single Session Rates

Mixing 85 per hour

Mastering $110 per hour

Recording 75$ per hour

Want to record a full album? 

We will work out a customizable solution for your needs!

Best of all.... We finance your album!! 

$1000 down and low monthly payments get you the album of your dreams.

Want dedicated time and the recording of your live show?

want your video shot?

Want the whole gambit and don't know where to start?

My name is James, and I have been exactly where you are.. having lots of ideas, little to no budget and not knowing what next step I should take. I bounced around from studio to studio, working with producers, and sound engineers who literally didn't know much more than I did.. but everyone had an opinion, and everyone "knew" (or so they thought or claimed) they had the path to success. The truth is.. They didn't have a clue what the music business was, and probably still don't. 

I formed this company because this was what I needed so desperately 25 years ago, and no one was there to walk me through what record labels did... what their purpose is... if I needed one... and most importantly .. did I even want to work with one? 

Did I need to form a band? 

Would one be provided?

Who is responsible for paying them if I did form one?

what is BMI, ASCAP, NEILSCAN, PRO'S, and did I need to register.. if so to who...

there's a lot to know when you decide to try and make it in the music business... and if you're wanting to make it as a band, performance artist, singer/songwriter, beat maker, producer or any combination... you NEED to know your industry. 

So I formed Odisious, Records

ODISIOUS Productions

Odisious Artist Management 

and tied them all together with Odisious LLC

I don't just work with touring artists that are wanting to take the next step into their career, but also work with new artists who want to start off their career the right way and avoid many of the pains of early growth as an artist. This requires discipline, accountability, fortitude and a little bit of courage.. if you have that.. you might want to stop procrastinating and give me a call. I am the president and founder of this company.. and it is with this, that I am changing the way that producers will work with artists. I built this company as an artist.. to help artists. 

Call 972-439-8764 for our weekly rate specials!! we don't host them on the website.. you have to call! 

Judas Jinx (pro res)

Judas Jinx (pro res)

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